Links to Christian blogs on grief

Grieving and Lament

A Grief Sanctified: Through Sorrow to Eternal Hope

Glorifying God in Unshakable Grief – John Piper’s encouragement in grief. “There are nutrients that we draw out of seasons of suffering that are strengthening to the bones of our faith and sweetening to the marrow of our faith like we can’t get any other way.”

The Joy Will Come – Christina Fox writes of the journey of a Psalmist on the Desiring God website. “The sorrows of life try to pull us away from him; but the journey of the laments draws us toward him.”

Lament Helps Us Hold On to Him – Vaneetha Rendall Risner blogs on Naomi on the Desiring God website. “Lament highlights the gospel more than stoicism ever could. Hearing our authentic, God-honoring lament can draw others to God in unexpected ways.”

Six Words to Say Through Tears The Source of Comfort in the Pain of Grief – Nancy Guthrie blog from Desiring God website

The School of Jesus Christ – David Powlison writes on John Calvin ministering to grief

Strong Churches Speak the Language of Lament –  Mark Vroegop and the biblical language of lament

When Your Song is a Lament, Sing it with Your Whole Heart – Seeing God in your lament, by Betty-Anne Van Rees on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website

Where to Bring Your Broken Heart – How to weep well and draw near to God by Josh Squires on Desiring God website

You Cannot Handle Your Pain: Looking for God in Lament – “Pain, suffering, sorrow, illness, and grief are unavoidable in this world — but God has given us a way to find hope in the rubble of life. Lament is an underground tunnel to hope.” by J.A. Medders at Desiring God website.


Supporting Others in Grief

What Not to Ask Someone Suffering – How to come alongside  someone grieving to “bear one another’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2) by Nancy Guthrie

Yes, You Should Say Something: Overcoming Awkwardness with Grieving People–  by Nancy Guthrie. “Really, you just have to show up and say little. What they need more than someone with a lot of words is someone . . . entering into their hurting world for the long haul of grief.”

What Grieving People Wish You Knew at Christmas

Grieving Those Who May Be Unsaved

My link to – Grieving Loved ones who are possibly unsaved 


Have there been any blogs that encouraged you?


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